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Navigator Multimedia adopted Wordpress to build websites for our clients years ago, but we needed more than what an off-the-shelf install could offer. So we created a framework called Chimera.

Themes are unreliable

A $60 theme isn't adequate for a real business website. Themes don't allow much customization, and rely too much on third-party plugins.

Using third-party plugins increases the risk of your site breaking whenever Wordpress or the plugin is updated. 

What about hiring a programmer to add custom coding? Custom code can also break when Wordpress updates.

What do I get with Chimera Framework?

With Chimera Framework, we can build code into the framework instead of using a plugin or coding each site manually. We design and program your site from start-to-finish, so you get exactly what you need.

As well,

  • The risk of your website breaking because of an update is greatly reduced. That's fewer headaches.
  • When we code something cool, we build it into Chimera. That means less time and money spent on coding for you.
  • Vastly improved website security, with a support team ready. You can rest easy about your website.

​For business owners, these are some of the reasons to choose Navigator Multimedia Inc. and Chimera Framework to create their website.

Every website we build includes training and support from Navigator. We want business owners to easily be able to manage their websites, and to rest-assured of their site's reliability.


Chimera Framework is only available from Navigator Multimedia Inc.

Chimera Framework's built in SEO tools are easy to use, regardless of your experience. For beginners, our SEO grader tells you exactly what you're doing correctly, and what needs improvement. Our grader will help you manage your SEO entirely on your own, so you can be ranked on major search engines without the headaches.

For professionals, Chimera Framework offers advanced features and modifications that allow you full control over how your pages appear to the search engines. Control your content descriptions, robots indexing, and more all without leaving the simple interface of Chimera Framework.

  • Embed Youtube videos & playlists
  • Feed management
  • Web App mode
  • Google Analytics, Facebook Insight, Bing Tools, Alexa, Pintrest Tools integration
  • Knowledge Graph integration
  • Commenting with Discus and others
  • Have us connect to your APIs easily
Social Media Controls
Control how posts on your website are shared to social media websites. Includes built in branding customization for shared posts
Baked-in SEO
Manage on-page SEO for for your website right in Chimera. No need to dig into HTML code to improve your website's ability to rank
Fewer Plugins
Chimera Framework was built to do tons without relying on headache-causing plugins. Enjoy shorter load times, less updating, and stronger security
Websites built with Chimera are backed by our security experts. Includes technology to shield from spam bots
SEO Grader Tool
See ways to improve organic search results with the simple SEO Grader Tool we've built in
We can build in any software integration, or code custom. No need to sweat the things that should be simple

"Navigator staff personally showed my employees and I how to use Chimera. It makes managing my site easy. My website is finally doing it's job as part of my business strategy".

Search Engine Optimization for everyone
Suited to your needs

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