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Secure Web Hosting

Hundreds of businesses, non-profits and individuals trust Navigator Multimedia Inc. with their website hosting needs. Security, reliability, speed, and customer care are all things you should be looking for in a web hosting provider; it’s been our focus for over twenty years.

Website hosting is one of those things you need to keep a website online. It’s not glamorous, but it’s influential. Without solid hosting, you leave a lot of room for disruption to your customer’s experience of your brand online. Even the most gorgeous, intuitive websites can be crippled by bargain-bin hosting providers.

Relax with reliable service & human support. Here’s what you need to know about our web hosting services:

Not all web hosting services are created equal. There are different types of web hosting services out there, with pricing ranging from a few dollars per month to very expensive, depending on the provider and your hosting needs.

We offer reliable, quality service. Web hosting that’s so good, you forget you even need it.. And if there’s ever an issue, a question, or a change of plans, support is just a phone call away.


We can help if your business site needs extra security. Many WordPress sites are vulnerable to hacks, because they aren’t designed with security in mind or updated to the latest versions.

HTTPS Website Encryption

We offer our clients affordable website security with HTTPS/SSL Certification. By encrypting the connection between a person’s web browser and our server, the information sent and received is protected.

The benefits of secure websites include:

  • Any submitted data (usernames, emails, passwords, contact forms) can’t be intercepted and stolen
  • Malicious ads can’t be inserted into your site (customers think these ads are FROM YOU!)
  • Google values HTTPS as part of its ranking algorithm

Secure Servers

We use advanced hosting setups that isolate client websites from threats that other hosting providers are vulnerable to. Using self-managed hosting from unreliable providers means it’s easier for your site to encounter uptime disruptions or outright hacks. Choose a hosting company that doesn’t compromise by cutting corners.

Backup and Recovery

We keep redundant copies of your website backed up automatically. If your site ever encounters an issue, we can quickly restore it to a previous version, so you and your visitors aren’t inconvenienced.


There is lots to love about our web hosting services, but what makes our clients most happy is peace of mind. Their sites run fast with minimal interruption, and there is always someone to talk to when assistance is needed.

We have a full time server administrator who ensures any issues are tackled with promptness and clarity. We take care of the things you need to ensure your site stays online and doesn’t frustrate your web users.

Free Email too

Email is included at no charge in every hosting package, and our WordPress websites enjoy monitored, routine updates by our in-house server manager.

How To Choose A Web Host

Web hosting takes care of the tools, storage, data transfer, bandwidth, and oftentimes the email accounts you need to get your site online. So how do you determine the best web hosting package for your needs? Start here:

  • Consider the size of your site
    The amount of web hosting “muscle” required is often dependent on the demands of the site. How much space do you need to store data? How much traffic to the site do you anticipate? These are questions to review with your prospective hosting providers.
  • Customize to suit your needs
    Professional web hosting providers offer scalable packages with hosting options you can customize, even over time if required. Ask about our solutions for more information.
  • Get acquainted with customer service
    Save time and stress by working with a hosting provider that offers real-time, human support. Whether you have a question or issue, you should  know who to turn to for assistance.

Power your website with fast, secure web hosting.



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Where the sever is hosted relative to site traffic, shared vs. VPS, how well it's kept up to date will all have an effect on server response times and page speed. Website load time must be fast (>3sec) to maximize website engagement metrics, SEO and conversion.
The short answer, Google wants a more secure internet. Adding HTTPS to your website encrypts any information passed between the website and the visitor on the page. This was first required by Ecommerce websites collecting billing and credit card information. Today it has become a best-practice to secure all websites to protect the user entering even a contact form. Google Analytics also cannot identify referral traffic from secure (HTTPS) to non-secure (HTTP) websites. It will see the user session, but group it as a "direct/(none)" source which is not very helpful for insight!
10 email accounts are included at no charge in our base plan ($29.95/mo.).
Whenever a WordPress website is hacked, it's usually due to either a weak admin password or a plugin that has not been maintained. Our Server Admin will run routine WordPress updates across all of our hosted websites. Rather than relying on a WordPress plugin for custom website functions we will build the functionality right into the website.