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Client Case Study

An AdWords account that gets daily attention, with granular targeting from one of our account managers delivers improved results month over month.

  • We were able to improve Roto-Rooter's average position by 2x, while driving more qualified traffic to the website. 
  • Average CTR has increased 4x, lowering CPC
  • 1 in 3 people who click our ads contact the business, consistently

We are actively accepting additional Roto-Rooter Franchisees for AdWords. Contact us for more information.

Account Performance 

Account Overview


Plumbing and drain services are highly competitive search terms in Google AdWords, with many local plumbing businesses and independent contractors managing their own Search Ad activity. The cost-per-click we see in this business category ranges between $6-15, averaging around $10. 

Google’s Ad Auction goes to the highest bidder with the most relevant ad, meaning that when you have a lot of advertisers bidding on the same keyword, the minimum price for that keyword will increase as the advertisers bid more aggressively for position 1-3 in paid search. 

The success of the campaign and ROI from using Google AdWords reaches beyond the click of the from a Search Ad. This client overview outlines the landing page strategy and discusses the importance of applying ongoing improvement measures to increase the conversion rate of the landing page experience.  

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

There are two components to optimize when managing a Google Search ad campaign: traffic quality and landing page experience

Traffic quality - If traffic quality is poor and is coming from a poorly targeted AdWords, Social, or other campaign traffic source, this will move your conversion rate down. 

Landing page experience - If your landing page does not clearly state the value proposition or offer connected from the paid ad the user clicked on, or if the page is not mobile-friendly but there are mobile users in your audience, this will move your conversion rate down. 

Marketing Channel: Google AdWords - Search Advertising

Business: Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain

Assuming CPC’s and traffic quality are constant in both scenarios, by optimizing and improving the landing page you can lower your cost-per-lead, and drive more conversion volume with the same budget. 

Here’s how we did it:

  1. We built a landing page that didn’t have a website navigation to control user conversion path

  2. We started with 2 ways to convert, by phone or form submission

    1. Both of these are tracked in AdWords and Google Analytics

  3. We used local copy and local images

  4. As we started to collect leads, we quickly learned that our target is mostly on mobile, and they prefer to call rather than fill out a form. 

    1. In response to this we moved our form down toward the bottom of the landing page, made the mobile number larger to stand out, and began improving the mobile landing page layout

  5. We began testing variants of the same page with with coupons and other incentives to motivate our user further

We moved our landing page conversion rate from ~15% to over 34% since we began, consistently

This has allowed us to drive down our cost-per-conversion, while outbidding the competition on Google Search. With our collected conversion data we can see which keywords and search terms are actually turning into leads, and which ones aren't. With this information we can bid more aggressively on the keywords that work, and remove the ones that don't, improving our traffic quality even further. 

Example scenario 2: 

Monthly Ad Spend: $2000
Average CPC is $10
Average Conversion rate is 20%

In this scenario we can expect on average, 2 in 10 clicks convert (conversion goal: contact the business), resulting in:
Cost per conversion is $50
Leads (conversions) per month: 40

Example scenario 1: 

Monthly Ad Spend: $2000
Average CPC: $10
Average Conversion rate: 10%

In this scenario we can expect on average, 1 in 10 clicks convert (conversion goal: the user contacts the business), resulting in:
Cost per conversion is $100
Leads (conversions) per month: 20

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