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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

We live in a mobile world, which is why it’s so important to design websites mobile-first

We build sites that work on desktop, tablet, and smartphones using responsive web design.

Responsive web design means your website will look great and function seamlessly, whether users are tapping on a small touchscreen or a mouse on a high-resolution desktop. And it’s not just a minimum-requirements compatibility thing; we make sure your site design is great across all devices.

Building for Mobile

Lets begin by first understanding the context of the mobile user and how this segment behaves differently from desktop or tablet. Mobile users often find you through web searches, during what’s been called micro-moments. These users are looking for an answer now, and providing the best answer with your mobile site can help you turn a web searcher into a customer.

Mobile users might also be coming to your website from Facebook or Instagram, and may not need your product or service right now. They’re browsing, forming an impression of your brand, and learning about what you do. This is when providing a simple, fast experience with strong branding matters most.

Mobile Web Design for SEO

Google understands the differing expectations between the mobile user desktop user. Mobile search has grown so substantially that Google has split its search algorithm. They continually prioritize mobile experience since it’s become so critical to our every day lives as smartphone users.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
New technology to serve mobile content instantly with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has already been widely adopted by major news and publishing organizations like BBC and The Washington Post. AMP is a project backed by Google that aims to create a faster mobile web, regardless of network speed. AMP content served on social media sees higher engagement, and Search Engines like Google favour AMP in search engine results pages.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
Progressive Web Apps share many of the same characteristics of a native app, except you don’t need to build for iOS and Android separately. PWA’s improve the user experience through speed, reliability, and engagement like push-notifications.

We know that people are doing business on their phones more and more every day, and that designing a poor mobile site can be a costly mistake. Run this test from Google to verify your website usability.

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