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Kelowna Web Design, Internet Marketing & Professional Web Hosting

Get professional web services at Navigator Multimedia Inc., a Kelowna web design company. From our flagship office in Kelowna, BC, our in-house team builds websites, apps, database-driven applications, and more. We create designs with mobile in mind, and assist with Internet marketing, copywriting and search engine optimization (SEO). Our Kelowna web design services pair well with professional web hosting, which we provide in-house. Serving businesses, individuals and non-profits across British Columbia including the Columbia Valley region since 1993, our work spans the country. We are a Kelowna web design company fuelled by passion, expertise and a legacy more than twenty years in the making.

A pioneer in Kelowna web design & Internet innovation since 1993

What did Kelowna web design look like over twenty years ago? Way back before WordPress and responsive design and mobile apps, there were Flash website designs and dial-up Internet access. Things have changed. Today, the best practices for ranking well on search engines and impressing web users are different, and will continue to evolve. Kelowna web design, then versus now? Big changes. Read on for what matters today.

Kelowna web design today

In today's digital marketplace, a web design is the flagship for a variety of touch points, including social media, PPC and mobile engagement. It's often not the case where, "If you build it, they will come!" Website owners need to look at ways to promote their website in order to achieve their goals. Whether you want to increase online sales, get more leads or provide information to a broad audience, consider a mix of strategies to make it happen.

Start with your web design: is it ready to greet users from a tablet, smartphone or other mobile device? With smartphone traffic estimated to increase ten fold by 2019, now's the time to prepare. Responsive web design plans for display on different screen sizes, adapting the site content to suit the device.

Think about your audience: where are they online, and how can you connect with them there? From social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter, you can build a presence to attract your target audience to your brand. Social media marketing services from a Kelowna web design company helps with research, strategy and execution of a presence-building plan.

Think about your assets: What content can you share with your audience to encourage awareness, loyalty and trust? Content marketing  from a Kelowna web design company addresses what you have now (images, text and video) and what you need to create or have created to engage your audience. Content can be used across your Kelowna web design, social media marketing, and search engine marketing efforts as a high-value strategy for reaching your digital marketing goals.

Kelowna web design has come a long way since the early '90's -today, strategy, adaptability and the willingness to embrace mobile are key to success in today's digital marketplace.

A Quick View Of Our Work

We have had the privilege of working with a vast range of clients.
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